2019 Beyond Call of Duty Award Winner Nichole Casity

September 10, 2019

Active Duty, Guard or Reservist Award Winner Staff Sergeant Nicole Casity

From person who nominated her:

Nicole 300x300 - 2019 Beyond Call of Duty Award Winner Nichole CasityShe started her service in the United States Air Force in 2014. On 20 September 2016, she witnessed a motor vehicle strike a bicyclist, launching him into an oncoming lane. She quickly stopped traffic thereby mitigating further danger and securing scene safety. Without hesitation or concern for herself, she rushed to the victim’s side where she immediately immobilized the patient while simultaneously maintaining an open airway, managing head bleeding and directing care of the gentleman’s leg laceration. When emergency medical personnel arrived, she assisted with expeditious patient transfer while continuing to manage the victim’s multiple injuries and preventing further trauma.

She provides military funeral honors for fallen service members and retirees with Travis Air Force Base honor guard.  She received the Air Force Achievement medal for saving a human life.

She just had her first child in May 2018. I will say that pregnancy and becoming a mother has changed her. I am not a mother, but I hope that when I do become a mother, that i can at least become half the mother she is. She is graduating with her Bachelors in Sports & Health Science from American Military University in December 2019 and is aspiring to becoming a pilot.