2020 Year End Sisterhood Review

December 30, 2020
Sisterhood Review - 2020 Year End Sisterhood Review

A Message from Melissa Washington

It has been a year of remarkable challenges and despite those challenges, I wanted to share some of our accomplishments (listed below) in 2020. As we look forward to 2021, we will be kicking the year off with new webinars. We've been working diligently on  our Signature event, The Unconference! Stay tuned for new website, new logo and much more.

As you get ready for 2021 - What have you learned? What will you bring forward and what will you leave behind? What are you grateful for?

I am overjoyed to welcome 2021, as I am sure you are too.

Let’s make 2021 (you fill in the blank)!

Melissa Washington, Navy Veteran
CEO & Founder


  • Added free downloads & member books to our online store.
  • Added LOTS of content to our YouTube library! Don't forget to subscribe.
  • Connected more women veterans with each other & benefits.
  • Continued our monthly Member Giveaways.
  • Facilitated an online scavenger hunt.
  • Grew our women veteran owned businesses directory.
  • Had a successful Unconference webinar series & partner webinars.
  • Hosted online gatherings for women veterans.
  • Promoted member businesses via email & social media.
  • Recognized "Badass" women making a difference during the pandemic.
  • Started a Guest Blogger Series.
  • Strengthened & expanded our digital presence.

Thank You Women Veterans Photo Mosaic

Did you submit your photo to the Center for Women Veterans Mosaic Mural? If you did look for your photo and others you served with. Very cool!!!

Click here to view the mosaic. Once of the page you can move your mouse and click on the image to see the photos.

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Featured Event

Women Veterans Unconference

October 8-10, 2021

Early Bird Promotion to be announced in January.

Join Women Veterans Alliance

Becoming a Women Veterans Alliance member opens the door to a world of support, resources & the Sisterhood.

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If you join Women Veterans Alliance by January 3, 2021, you will receive both our Women Veterans Alliance pin and the "Women Proudly Serve" Dog-tag pin.

End of Year Giving

This year our nonprofit partner, Women Veterans Giving, was able to award $3,500 to Jennifer Vollbrecht, Marine Corps Veteran and owner of J Vollbrect Consulting, Inc.

Jennifer winner FB babber - 2020 Year End Sisterhood Review

Women Veterans Giving wants to continue this program and the conference scholarship program and we would love your support! Great time to donate before the end of year and some additional tax benefits to you. If you didn’t know…CARES Act changes deducting charitable contributions made in 2020. Previously, charitable contributions could only be deducted if taxpayers itemized their deductions. Taxpayers who don't itemize deductions may take a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions made in 2020 to qualifying organizations. The CARES Act also temporarily suspends limits on charitable contributions. Taxpayers must give to qualified organizations (Women Veterans Giving is!) to deduct their donations on their tax return.

Don’t worry if you can’t give “big”. Every donations helps us help her.