5 Day Tuolumne River Trip July 26-30, 2021

This exciting and challenging opportunity requires energy, courage and dedication. While the river trip is
incredibly fun and exciting, this is a serious commitment, so only apply if you are ready to engage in a way
that honors the opportunity, yourself and other participants. While this program can be challenging, it is also
filled with fun, laughter, connection, purpose, and renewal. Through coming together with other veterans, in a
safe and beautiful natural setting, you will have the time, support, and new skills to focus on the personal
changes needed for you to move forward from your military service into the post-military life that you are
envisioning and creating for yourself.

Please make sure you are eligible and that this is what you are looking for. Our application process helps ensure
that this experience will be a good fit for you. Please answer all the questions in the packet as honestly as you can.
Filling out this application with attention and reflection is a valuable part of the process. Your own commitment
to grow and learn is what is most fundamental and essential in embarking on this journey.

Once you fill out the application, we will review it among the others and advise you of availability. Space is limited, so
please apply early.

If you have questions about the application, or about the program, please feel free to email me at
mhuffman1010@yahoo.com or call me (707) 472-6878. We are looking forward to growing and journeying
with you!

Download Application 

Download Release of Liability Waiver