5 Self Defense Strategies for Women

Everyone should learn how to be safe and protect themselves. Attackers and other criminals tend to prey on those who seem like they are easy targets — all too often that means women can be at risk. To ensure your safety, make yourself a hard target and learn basic self-defense strategies to prevent or deter would-be attackers.

While this sounds easier said than done, there a few different things women can do to help protect themselves. These strategies include taking a self-defense class, conceal carry a firearm and keeping aware of your surroundings at all times. If you follow the tips we’ve outlined here, you may not be impervious to attacks, but you will be prepared to respond and prevent yourself from becoming a statistic.

Take a Self-Defense Class

women 3265804 640 300x242 - 5 Self Defense Strategies for WomenOftentimes, people will wait until an attack has occurred before they take a self-defense class. If you are proactive and take a class to prepare for such an attack ahead of time, you may be able to prevent a trauma from happening in the first place. You don’t want to be the one that is wishing you knew how to defend yourself when an attack is under way.

Most of these classes are taught by professionals, and they cover the basics of self-defense. They will include simple strikes, punches and kicks that can help you escape a threatening situation. Also, they may teach you quick ways to disarm an attacker or how to use mace or other deterrents to disable an attacker. You can read more about Eileen Meyers’ tips and her first self-defense class to see for yourself how important it is to enroll in a class sooner rather than later.

Conceal and Carry

Another good option for taking control of your own safety is enrolling in a conceal and carry class. If you live in a state where it is legal to carry a concealed weapon, you should look into getting a permit, so you can defend yourself. Oftentimes merely having a gun will cause an attacker to think twice, and you won’t have to get as close as you would for hand-to-hand fighting or using pepper spray.

Once you go to the class and learn the basics of self-defense with a firearm, you will be much better prepared to defend yourself. You should also look at getting an inside the waistband holster. These slim accessories are the easiest holsters to conceal, so no attacker will know that you are carrying. In self-defense, the element of surprise may the biggest advantage you have.

It is important that you continue to practice shooting after you have completed the course. While spending time on the range doesn’t have to be a weekly appointment, you will want to go at least once a month. The more you go, the more familiar you will be with your firearm, and the more confident you will be if you must use it.

Practice Situational Awareness

One of the most important things anyone can do to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings. Look around and make note of anyone who seems out of place or dressed inappropriately for the weather — like a long coat that can easily conceal a knife or gun. Trust your instincts, and if something feels “off,” get out of there as quickly as you can. It is also smart to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to arrive, so they will be alerted if you don’t show up to the destination.

Having good situational awareness is one of the best ways to defend yourself without actually getting into an altercation. It keeps you proactive and will allow you to make quick decisions before a would-be attacker can choose you as a target.

Keep in mind that most attackers prey on those who seem like easy targets. If you keep a defensive posture at all times, most seasoned criminals will recognize this and look to attack someone who is distracted or unaware. This doesn’t mean walking around with your gun out or being prepared to attack anyone who might approach you; instead, know where you are and keep an eye out for things that don’t seem right.

Trust Your Gut

This strategy is part of situational awareness. If you feel like something or someone is unsafe, you are most likely right. Nine times out of 10, if you trust your gut, you won’t go wrong, So next time you get a funny feeling about something, you should probably avoid the situation. It’s better to be thought of as rude than to end up robbed — or worse.

Avoid Giving Personal Information

This may seem like common sense, but most self-defense is just that. People can learn a lot about you from looking at social media and other online platforms that show your personal information. Make sure you have all your profiles set to private, especially dating apps.

If you want to meet with someone for the first time, always make sure it’s in a crowded, well-lit place. You also should never give someone any of your personal information, like address or place of work, until you have met them and been on a few dates with them. This can help protect you from people on the internet who use social media and dating sites to attack women.


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You do not have to be a victim. Every person — but especially women — should take personal protection seriously. Doing so will help you become more confident and better prepared, and you will not have to fear being attacked.

The five strategies we’ve put together here are a great way to protect yourself. If you take a self-defense class, you will know how to use some basic strikes to get away from an attacker, and if you go one step farther and enroll in a conceal and carry class, you will have the protection of a firearm as well.

While the classes are a great foundation, it is also important that you hone your situational awareness.  Avoiding dangerous situations can prevent attacks before they can happen. Also, if something doesn’t seem right, it is imperative that you trust your gut and remove yourself from your surrounding. Lastly, be protective with your personal information on the internet. If you do all five of these things, you can avoid becoming another statistic and help inform women everywhere how to stay safe and strong in the world.

Contributed by Benji Menez
Director of Marketing
Concealment Express