91% of Veterans never use their home loan benefit

Imagine unwittingly paying $21,000 more for a car than your buddy.  That would really stink, right?

This kind of thing that happens to Veterans—every day—when buying a home and wanting to use their VA Home Loan Benefit:  a Realtor or loan person–ignorant on VA home loans—advises them to use an FHA loan instead of their VA home loan benefit to purchase their home.  What happens?  They pay more out-of-pocket than they should.

In fact, 91% of Veterans never use their home loan benefit, many because of bad advice.  Tragic!  Here’s where you can help a buddy:

Pay It Forward

Know someone with military experience who recently bought a home—or is talking about buying one? Let them know four things:

  1. Refinance:
    1. Get out of Mortgage Insurance (MI):  If they’ve already purchased, we can refinance them out of their current FHA loan (or any other loan, for that matter) that has MI (an extra fee that VA home loans don’t have), and not only get their down-payment back to them, but get rid of the monthly MI.
    2. Get Cash-Out for Any Reason:  VA loans allow for more cash-out—at a higher loan-to-value—than any other loan (up to 100% financing).  You can use the money for any purpose you wish:  combine two loans; consolidate debt; home improvement, you name it.
  2. Purchase:  Compared to other loan programs, VA home loan qualifies a person for more home, with the least money out-of-pocket…and there’s NEVER monthly Mortgage Insurance.
  3. Loans to $1.5M:  VA has their limits, but depending on remaining entitlement and a home’s value, we can offer VA home loans up to $1.5M.  Really!!
  4. Just Ask; Don’t assume! I’m so confident in the flexibility and allowances of the VA home loan benefit that, you tell me why you can’t use your benefit and I’ll tell you why you’re probably wrong!!  Give it a shot; it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation.

Helping is Easy
Just forward this post to any and all you think it may help.  Simple.

Interested in finding out more?
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VA home loan - 91% of Veterans never use their home loan benefit

If you’d prefer to speak with someone directly, give either me or Cindy (916-932-7164) a call and we can start the process.  Or shoot me a message back with a couple of times that are good and we’ll reach out to you.

Always in your best interest,

Andrew Vierra