A Call for Art!

September 11, 2019

Women Veteran Art Exhibit with the Veterans Administration:

Partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Women Veterans and the Veteran Health Administration (VHA), the Women’s Veteran Art Project* offers the call for artwork created by women veterans for display at several VA medical centers around the United States. The call for artwork “portfolio samples” begins September 1st and ends on September 27th. This is to help with artist selection, not necessarily choose the actual artworks.  Completed artworks qualify for submission also. Each VA has an Ambassador working with the artists. Each VA medical center will have their own local art exhibit, created by local women veteran artists. The Exhibit will launch in November 2019 (unless otherwise arranged).

Guidelines: All Veterans who identify as women are invited to submit 3-5 high resolution digital images of their art portfolio to their Ambassador Julie Morkve at juliemorkve@gmail.com. To clarify – the digital images are “examples” only and do not necessarily have to represent the finished piece(s). The art work must be completed by Mid October for VA review.  No theme is required but art should be “family friendly”. Goal is to honor Women Veterans** for service. The art sizes, mediums and amount will depend on the VA’s facility capability for display to be worked out between the Ambassador and the VA POC.  (example, pedestals for sculpture, wall space or easels for art pieces, etc).  There is no fee to enter or exhibit.

*backed by the non-profit Veterans Art Venue

**all Veterans who identify as women

Thank you for helping to honor the service of Women Veterans through their artwork