Act Now to Support & Protect Opportunities for Small Business Federal Suppliers

With new leadership in the White House, it is vital that small businesses come together now to tell President Biden that he must take action to support and protect federal supplier opportunities for American small business by signing a Presidential Executive Order assuring small business’ participation in federal contracts.

The federal government is required to assure that small business suppliers are provided with the “maximum practicable opportunity” before any and all contracts are awarded. However, the process of Category Management Best-In-Class Contracts is not meeting that requirement. . . and the data reported by the GAO proves this point.

GAO reported bleak results in a November 2020 Report on Category Management (GAO-21-402): “Of the tens of thousands of contracts eliminated by category management, 53% of them were small business contracts.” The Small Business Administration (SBA) echoed GAO’s concerns, adding in response3 to the GAO report that, “SBA is aware that the number of small business new entrants has dropped nearly 60% from 23,000 in FY12 to just 9,400 in FY19. Firms have withdrawn from SBA’s 8(a) program citing decreasing opportunities and increased consolidation of contracts.”

The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce and its members call on President Biden to sign a Presidential Executive Order to specifically: 

  1. Recognize ALL Small Business spending as Best-In-Class Tier Three regardless of the contract vehicle.
  2. Add a Training Requirement: Require Agency Leadership and Acquisition Staff to receive training on the Category Management / Best-in-Class initiative that ensures small business inclusion.
  3. Require that new BIC vehicle awards be made in proportion to the population (i.e., proportion of large business vs. small business awards match the business population).

Pleases help us support small business federal supplier opportunities by doing the following:

  1. Add your name / your business to the sign on letter going to President Biden.
    [TIP: Every owner, every employee, every supplier who benefits from your firm’s activities should consider signing on!] We will deliver these submissions to all key Biden Administration leaders.
  2. Send your own letter to Congress and to President Biden.


Thank you for helping the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce help your firm compete in the federal marketplace.


Charmagne Manning, President & COO
Margot Dorfman, CEO
U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

P.S. For additional information on Category Management, view our informational page.