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AVOW Magazine

Contact: Christina Wilkinson, Publishing Sheila L. Holmes, Editorial
Location P: Groveland, CaliforniaLocation E: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Phone: P: 209-841-8866 Phone: E: 610-322-7189 Website: Website
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AVOW Magazine is not just about “a” vow we all took when we raised our hands. This organization of women is not a club; it is a meeting of the minds; it is about the organization of information made available in one spot; it is also about the relationships we share and need to continue to share as women who served in the military. These are our sisters, and we are going to highlight them and things we have all gone through, during our time in service as well as after we got out. We will touch not only on light-hearted topics, but those difficult ones as well.

We are a veteran’s magazine that you can feel comfortable with when you open every page, and you can relate to, and read about other women veterans. This is why AVOW was born.

AVOW Magazine—we’ve got your six.

Groveland, CA – Christina Wilkinson 209-841-8866

Philadelphia, PA – Sheila L. Holmes 610-322-7189

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P: Groveland, California

E: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania