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Stephens College

Contact: Elizabeth Herrera
Location Columbia, Missouri Phone: (573) 823-7011 Website: Visit Website
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Mission Promise Kept: A Living and Learning Community for Women Veterans

We believe that every American veteran deserves our gratitude, respect, and support. But we know that women veterans, in particular, often face unique challenges. That’s why we’ve created Mission Promise Kept: to empower women veterans to earn college degrees, achieve personal success and attain financial independence.

Mission Promise Kept is the first comprehensive college program designed to meet the full spectrum of living and learning needs of women veterans. Participants and their children will live in a newly renovated on-campus apartment and receive the wraparound supports they need to thrive through a coordinated network of programs and services.

Features of Mission Promise Kept

–A residential community of women veterans on the campus of the pet-friendliest
women’s college in the country

–A coordinated network of academic, medical, legal, and social services will be
provided to the veteran. Additional services will assist her towards a successful
career path.

–Access to the on-campus Children’s School and neighborhood public schools for
affordable, supportive, and coordinated childcare

–An on-campus apartment building renovated to meet the unique needs of women
veterans with children and/or pets

–A built-in community of peers, mentors, and friends

— Round-the-clock support services provided by on-site advocates/advisors.