American Veterans Archaeological Recovery Dig Opportunities

The American Veterans Archaeological Recovery group is looking for military veterans to volunteer to help with archaeology digs on a Revolutionary War battlefield in Saratoga, New York or aiding in the recovery of MIA service members from WWII in England and Italy this summer and fall.

After a long process of evaluating and adapting to our changing world, we are proud to announce our project schedule for the 2021 season.

Stay tuned as we introduce each of our projects this week.

For more information, visit: https://americanveteransarchaeology.org/projects/

Apply today: https://americanveteransarchaeology.org/join/

If you would like more information on the American Veterans Archaeological Recovery group, you can contact our CEO, Air Force veteran and archaeologist, Stephen Humphreys, at info@americanveteransarchaeology.org.