An Evening Celebrating Military Women

On the enchanting evening of June 15th, the spirit of camaraderie and empowerment illuminated the starry skies of Orangevale as Women Veterans Giving hosted their annual Summer Soiree, a heartfelt tribute to the strength and resilience of military women. Amidst the twinkling stars, the event took on a deeper significance as the Beyond the Call of Duty awards were presented, a poignant homage to the unwavering dedication of Sgt. Nicole Gee, an Oakmont High School graduate who selflessly served in the evacuation efforts at the Kabul Airport.

In the presence of Nicole Gee's sister, Misty Fuoco, and the visionary force behind Women Veterans Giving, Melissa A. Washington, the Beyond the Call of Duty awards were bestowed upon remarkable military women who have profoundly impacted both their community and the lives of the individuals they serve. This recognition stands as a testament to their extraordinary commitment and enduring legacy.

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Among the esteemed nominees were extraordinary individuals who epitomize the essence of service. From Master Sergeant Andrea Solomon, Staff Sergeant Marsha Adams, Lt. Col Stephanie Lee, and Technical Sergeant Breona Calvert on active duty, to veterans like Rochelle Arnold, Shatayia Baker, Krista Bernasconi, Catherine Cortez, Melany Hall, Marisa Hannen, Bonita Knuckles, Kathy Lester, Megan Scheid, Marge Waggoner, and Virginia Wimmer, each nominee exemplifies the spirit of selflessness and dedication that embodies the military ethos.

The accolade of Active Duty Honoree was bestowed upon Technical Sergeant Breona Calvert, whose steadfast commitment resonates from her station at Beale Air Force Base. Likewise, the Veteran Nominee, Marge Waggoner, a Navy Veteran who served from 1957 to 1960 in the WAVES, demonstrated an unwavering devotion to her country.

As the stars shone down on this evening of celebration, it was clear that the legacy of Sgt. Nicole Gee and the outstanding women who embody her spirit continue to inspire and uplift. The event was not just a tribute to their courage but a testament to the power of unity, purpose, and the indomitable spirit of service.

Mark your calendars for April 26th, as next year's event promises to be another remarkable chapter in honoring and empowering military women. For further details, please reach out to melissa@womenveteransalliance.com.

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