Are you a woman veteran who has experienced military sexual trauma?

September 25, 2019

Three women are editing an academic textbook regarding trauma-informed care, women veterans and military sexual trauma: Dr. Shemya Vaughn (a licensed therapist), Barbara McEntee, MS (Chaplain and a woman veteran), and Leslene della-Madre (feminist shamanic practitioner, feminist life coach and minister). This book will address the cultural sensitivity needs of women veterans with military sexual trauma who are seeking services in the Veterans Administration Health (VHA) system. The goal is to create a training manual for potential medical and mental health providers, in higher education, who will provide services for women veterans. The working title is Trauma-Informed Care: Addressing the Moral Injury of Women Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma, scheduled to be published by Nova Publishing December 2020. Areas of interest for the book include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Military Sexual Trauma
  • Gender Discrimination in the VHA, Militarized Masculinity, Violence Against Women in the Active Military Service
  • MST and Women Veterans in College
  • Interpersonal Relationships and MST, Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Barriers to Medial and Mental Health Care, Medical Profiling of Women Veterans in the VHA
  • Resilience, Moral Injury, Homelessness, Unemployment, Life Transitions
  • Suicidal Ideation, Depression, Anxiety, Cardiovascular Disease, Substance Use Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, TBI
  • Trauma-Informed Care, Secondary Traumatization, Victimization in Healthcare and Mental Health Care Systems, Pelvic Examinations

Submit Your Story

Breathe. Take one more deep breath. Please consider sharing your story or stories about military sexual trauma and the experiences you had with the VA, VHA, or vendors who provide services to women veterans. You can decide to use a fake name (pseudonym), your initials, or your full name in the publication. You can also select submitting your story as an anonymous person. You can withdraw your submission or change how you want to be identified at any time.

Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020.

Please submit your story or stories with the following information:

  • Your story in your own words using dates when your memory allows.
  • Please include your branch of military service, the years you served, any other details that would help students understand the context of your experience.
  • Please indicate what kind of technique of trauma informed care you would have liked to have implemented (related to your experience) that may prevent others from being re-traumatized in the VA health system.
  • Please indicate how you would like to identify yourself: pseudonym, initials, full name, or anonymous.

When you are ready, email your story or stories to Shemya Vaughn at drmyav@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact Shemya Vaughn via email or at 517.203.8596 with any additional questions or concerns.