Ashley Gorbulja, 2023 MWSBA Recipient

September 11, 2023


At the Women Veterans Alliance Unconference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Women Veterans Giving (WVG) presented a $3,500 award to Ashley Gorbulja, an Army Veteran who serves as the Founder & CEO of GuideOn Education Consulting LLC. This marks the sixth consecutive year that WVG has bestowed the MWSBA, and they work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds for this grant.

“This award serves as a symbol of support for women veteran entrepreneurs, a testament to the power of our community, and a commitment to business growth.” – Chairwoman Jennifer Vollbrecht, Marine Corps (2020 Recipient)

In 2018, in Lafayette Square in the heart of our nation’s capital, the concept of GuideOn was born. This idea took shape after several years of serving veterans in various capacities, including higher education, non-profit work, and facilitating connections between businesses and the military-connected community. What became evident during this time were recurring issues of missed opportunities and redundant efforts when it came to serving this unique community.

Ashley Gorbulja, the founder of GuideOn, found herself in a position to bring about meaningful change. On that very park bench, Ashley conceived the services and products that would serve as a guiding compass for the military-connected community. It was there that she first drafted her business plan, and the rest of her journey unfolded from that point.

GuideOn is a small business based in the Washington, DC metro area, proudly owned by a woman and a service-disabled veteran.

Ashley Gorbulja is a dedicated professional and a prominent advocate for America’s military-connected community. She possesses a strong drive, unwavering passion, and a strategic vision that has led to her taking on increasing levels of responsibility in private, public, and non-profit sectors. Throughout her career, Ashley has devoted herself to creating nationally recognized programs, brands, and communities through strategic communication and marketing. Her areas of focus include enhancing the educational experiences of non-traditional students, using compelling storytelling to bridge the military-civilian gap, and advocating for improvements in local, state, and federal policies and programs.

“This grant arrives at a critical moment ensuring financial stability, helping GuideOn Education Consulting LLC navigate contracting, and propelling our technological advancements for upcoming curriculum projects.” – Ashley Gorbulja

In the United States, there are approximately 2 million women veterans, constituting 9.4 percent of the total veteran population. Notably, there has been a consistent year-over-year increase in women veteran business ownership. Melissa Washington, the President and Founder of the Women Veterans Alliance played a pivotal role as a founding member of WVG and was the visionary behind the creation of their women veterans small business award.

SBA Winner - Ashley Gorbulja, 2023 MWSBA Recipient IMG 7494 - Ashley Gorbulja, 2023 MWSBA Recipient