Home loans 2 150x150 - 91% of Veterans never use their home loan benefit

Imagine unwittingly paying $21,000 more for a car than your buddy.  That would really stink, right? This kind of thing that happens to Veterans—every day—when buying a home and wanting to use their VA Home Loan Benefit:  a Realtor or loan person–ignorant on VA home loans—advises them to use an FHA loan instead of their VA home loan benefit […]

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February 21, 2018

The goal of the course is to train middle skilled workers for the rapidly growing number of careers that incorporate 3D Printing/advanced manufacturing technologies, such as: MakerSpace Manager 3D Model Designer ● Rapid Prototype Developer ● 3D Printer Operator ● 3D Printing Trainer ● 3D Printer Service Technician ● 3D Design and Printing Paraeducator ● Retail […]

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