Badassery In Action – Irene Guzman

Focusing on the positive impact that women veterans are having in their communities during this crazy and challenging time. This week’s “Badassery” recipient is Irene Guzman, Marine Corp Veteran, who was nominated by her husband, Moises Guzman.

This is what Moises had to say about Irene: 

Irene Guzman 245x300 - Badassery In Action - Irene GuzmanEveryday she works hard to insure everyone is fed and all needs are met. From diapers, to kids vitamins, groceries, warm meals, monetary assistance, and anything needed to help not only our community, friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers she comes across, she pays for groceries for individuals in front of her or hands out a couple dollars for those behind her. She’s going above and beyond the call of duty. As a Marine myself it’s an honor to recognize my wife for taking her oath as a Marine seriously.

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