Badassery In Action – Stephanie Lincoln

Focusing on the positive impact that women veterans are having in their communities during this crazy and challenging time. This week’s “Badassery” recipient is Stephanie Lincoln, Army Veteran. 

StephanieLincoln 0022 300x200 - Badassery In Action – Stephanie LincolnI am the owner of Fire Team Whiskey Military Health and Fitness and during this pandemic, we offered 30 days of our programming FREE to 40 First Responders, Law Enforcement and Medical Providers. We wanted to equip them with the tools and support to help them stay healthy and fit during this pandemic. We also are offering a FREE supportive coaching call with one of our military health coaches for anyone who needs someone to talk to. There is no cost or obligation to buy, all they have to do is schedule their call and we will provide an ear to listen and a voice of support. During this time, we all are much more aware of the need to take care of our minds and bodies, and Fire Team Whiskey is always giving back to those who serve our communities and country.

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FREE COACHING SESSION 1024x576 - Badassery In Action – Stephanie LincolnStephanie Lincoln is a former Army Captain. She is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and holds several group fitness certifications. Her personal style to fitness is mainly the use of high intensity intervals, for short, but efficient workouts. She loves burpees and detests leg day, but does it anyways. Her motto is “Fit to Fight” because although she may not wear the uniform anymore, she should still be in peak shape and be ready to respond to any situation. She also is an Eating Psychology Specialist and specializes in helping people with the hardest part of the weight loss journey, the mental barriers and self sabotage that we engage in that get in our way. CPT Lincoln has been featured in Women Fitness Magazine, on the myfitnesspal blog and was recognized by the NFL Team Jacksonville Jaguars as an outstanding Veterans Business owner in 2019.

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