Badassery In Action – Tiffany Orner

Focusing on the positive impact that women veterans are having in their communities during this crazy and challenging time. This week’s “Badassery” recipient is Tiffany Orner, Air Force Veteran.

A recent article about Tiffany appeared in the Times Union detailing how she spent her time volunteering three days a week after her layoff, delivering food to shut-ins and the vulnerable, including helping out those on the front lines, like workers at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center and the Veterans and Community Housing Coalition.

Orner is a fixture and a networker among the veteran and business community in the Capital Region. She’s a board member with McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity, an accelerator that helps aspiring veteran entrepreneurs; a board member of the Veterans and Community Housing Coalition’s Veterans Ball Committee, a fundraiser to help support homeless veterans; and a member of the Albany Executives Association.

One of the biggest projects she is organizing is Foreverly House, which will be a duplex in Ballston Spa to house homeless female veterans and their children.

Read the full article here.

Tiffany - Badassery In Action – Tiffany Orner

Tiffny’s LinkedIn Bio: I am THE typical Air Force Brat turned Air Force Veteran! My amazing mother served our country and I followed right in her footsteps! I served in the United States Air Force and was stationed at the BEAUTIFUL Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, right outside of the World Renowned Napa Valley….. and now….. I’m here…… Napa Valley, Capital District…. EXACT SAME….. right?!

After my service we moved to the Capital District where I bartended and served at multiple venues throughout the Capital District because I love people…. I love hearing their stories and imagining their history but something was always missing! I needed consistency, structure, accountability and, most importantly, I wanted to have the opportunity to follow my purpose….. helping fellow Veterans! Here at JDog, all of my boxes are checked and I couldn’t be more proud, fulfilled, humbled and motivated to live my best life. I’m always ready, I’m here….. I’m home!

At JDog Empire, a Military Veteran Partners Company, our mission is to EMPOWER, SERVE and PROTECT. We do this by:

– Empowering Veterans through entrepreneurship by creating career and employment opportunities for Veterans, military spouses, Veteran family members and others who share our same values and work ethic.

– Serving our community by partnering with local charities that can reuse the items we haul away or benefit from resale proceeds.

– Protecting the environment using repurpose, resale, reuse, and recycling strategies that keep 70% of the items we remove from our customers’ homes and businesses out of the landfill.

I am always eager to connect our mission and values and understand how we can serve you.

Please reach out with any opportunity that may support veterans in our area! JDog Empire is here to help!

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