California Veteran Designation Program

January 17, 2019
dmv veteran - California Veteran Designation Program


California Veteran Designation Program

Recent change to the CalVet regulations now allow National Guard & Reserve members with an honorable discharge to have Veteran placed on their driver’s license.

Eligible veterans may now have their military service recognized by the placement of the word “VETERAN” on their California Driver License or California Identification Card.  The designation provides veterans the opportunity to receive discounts offered at many stores, businesses, and restaurants. Veterans will no longer need to provide military discharge documents or share sensitive personal information to merchants in order to receive veteran- specific discounts.

Note:  The California Driver License or California State Identification Card Veteran Designation does not qualify the card holder for any other Benefits or Compensation provided by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs or the California State Department of Veteran Affairs.

Am I eligible for the California Veteran Designation Program?

You may be eligible if you meet both of the requirements listed below.

    • Served on active duty, in the Reserves, or in the National Guard,


    • Received an honorable or general discharge (under honorable conditions)

If you received an Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct, or Dishonorable character of discharge, you are not eligible for a veteran designation on your California Driver License or California Identification Card.

If you have an uncharacterized or unknown discharge status, your County Veteran Service Officer will verify eligibility before approving your application.

How do I apply for the California Veteran Designation Program?

Contact your local County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) to apply for the program.

To locate the CVSO office closest to you, call 844-737-8838. Enter your zip code when prompted and your call will be transferred.


You may also visit www.cacvso.org. Click on Contact Us and then click on your county of residence to view a list of CVSO locations, hours of operation, and contact information.


For additional information please visit:  https://www.calvet.ca.gov/Veteran-Designation