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Submission Guidelines

OVERVIEW: This Special Topics issue of Combat Stress will address the spectrum of intersectional minorities within the U.S. Military and Veteran population, including identification/description and disparities, and contributions within the military (and in Veteran) population, of minorities. These include Blacks, persons of color including Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous (Native American), mixed races, LGBTQ, women, and SMs/Veterans with disabilities.

We encourage women and BIPOC SMs and Veterans to author or co-author most if not all of the articles. For individuals who have not written before but represent the voices of our topic, we encourage you to identify a co-author who has previously published using APA format.

The issue will include:

  • research-based and literature review articles (research inclusive of and/or findings on minorities; we recognize that some of the above areas have sparse research),
  • round table discussion of this topic inclusive of BIPOC voices,
  • a select number of shorter “first person experience/reflection” pieces,
  • recommendations on what is needed in research and leadership training within the military branches and VA to better serve/promote/protect minority SMs/Veterans,
  • Video clips, interviews, photos, poetry addressing the topic (online capacity allows for these options)

*late submission will be considered until 15 April, but early submission will receive highest consideration.

Draft deadlines and further instructions will be sent to authors following approval. For planning, note that first drafts are due 1 June, and final drafts 15 July.