Camouflaged Sisters – New Book Coming Soon!

January 11, 2024


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Camouflaged Sisters: Stories of Strength and Resilience in Military Transition is a compelling anthology that bares the narratives of women who served in the military, showcasing their extraordinary journeys through transition. In this book, these women share their personal tales of courage, resilience, and transformation as they navigate the challenges of leaving the structured world of the military and redefining their identities outside of the uniform.

Plagued with waves of unfamiliar feelings, these women confront the emotional complexities of transitioning from military life to civilian life. Though their military experiences are diverse, each of their stories paints a vivid portrait of strength and determination during one of the most monumental changes of their lives.

These women tackle head-on the often-overlooked aspects of military transition– defining their identity, gaining mental health support, and learning to navigate support systems designed for Veterans – all essential to adapting to life outside the military. Camouflaged Sisters serves as the ‘new platoon’ for these authors and applauds the vulnerability in their storytelling. This book offers inspiration to others embarking on their own journey of transition. Like other Camouflaged Sisters books, this anthology provides a powerful and transparent glimpse into the lives of women who have faced adversity and emerged stronger on the other side.

Camoflauged Sisters New Book full - Camouflaged Sisters - New Book Coming Soon!

Camouflaged Sisters New Book

Camoflauged Sisters New Book - Camouflaged Sisters - New Book Coming Soon!