Casting for commercial – seeking woman veteran

January 11, 2022
We’re a commercial casting company located in Los Angeles! We specialize in finding real people for commercial projects, I’m including our website so you can see some of the projects we have worked on http://www.CrashCasting.com/

I’m reaching out to the Women Veterans Alliance today because we are currently working on a paid SAG Commercial for USPS (United States Postal Service) and we have a role that we are casting for a real Military Veteran. Our director for this project is Jake Scott, and he felt it would be best to have a real veteran be included in this project as opposed to hiring an actor.

This commercial is about the many interactions that mail carriers experience in their day to day delivering mail to all different types of folks across the US, from inner city entrepreneurs to rural feed stores out in the country, Small Businesses, and everything in between. This is being shot from the perspective of the postal worker and who they come into contact with on their route

What we are looking for:

Real Veteran: Male/Female, Any Ethnicity, between the ages of 29 – 65
Looking for veterans of all shapes and sizes (in shape/out of shape, amputee, etc.)

The casting process is being done remotely through self tape submissions and the project will be shooting 1 day here in LA between 1/19 – 1/21, with a possible Wardrobe fitting on 1/18.

This is a paid project and will be paying SAG rates for those who book the role. You do not have to be a SAG actor to be considered for this.

We have been casting this project for a few days but we just came upon this new role so we are scrambling to find someone who fits the bill (casting ends on 1/12), if anyone is interested please email (Crashcasting.Jake@gmail.com) with the following as soon as they are able in a self submission tape:

Selftape Instructions:
Please film yourself using your phone and try to do one continuous take (if it’s easier you can do one clip of you introducing yourself, , and talking about a positive or negative experience with a mail carrier, and a second clip of the actual action.) If you can film this near the entrance to your home/apartment that would be best, but these can be done just about anywhere really.

WARDROBE: Casual/Athletic attire

1) Tell us your name & and a brief description of your experience in the armed forces.

2) Tell us about a positive/negative experience you’ve had with your mail carrier, please refrain from mentioning specific company names (fedex, ups, etc.) these can be anywhere around a minute to a couple minutes long – short and sweet. There will be no callbacks for this project, clients will be deciding upon these self tapes. We really want to get a sense of who you are.

***Note that before you submit you should think a minute on any experiences you have had with your mail carriers or at a post office. We want to define our stories from peoples personal connections as those will come across as the most genuine. They can be funny, heartfelt, embarrassing etc.

examples to think about: Have you ever waited by the door for the post man to arrive in anticipation of a package, or news or a check to pay the bills.

3) Action: You are at home waiting for a parcel to arrive in the mail, you look out your window and see our mail carrier approaching your door, you open the door to greet the mail and receive your package. this can be a subtle nod of acknowledgement or perhaps a quick “Oh hey! Thanks I’ve been waiting for this” etc. (that’s just an example you can play around with that a little if you’d like).
(IMPORTANT: we are aiming for subtle reactions, please no over-acting, and try to film close enough where we can get a good look at your reaction).

Once completed you can send the videos back Crashcasting.jake@gmail.com, and if the file is too large to send, Wetransfer.com is a great free site to use to send large files (it will compress the videos into a size you can send, without losing video quality).

We are aiming to collect self tape submissions by 5pm tomorrow (1/11) so hopefully this might find its way to a few people who may be interested. I apologize for the long email but felt it would best to pass along as much info about the project and what we are hoping to find for the project. I will call in the am tomorrow when you are open to hopefully speak with someone to elaborate further, thank you for taking the time to read my message.