Center for Women Veterans (CWV): 2021 Women Veteran Trailblazers

March 23, 2021

Center for Women Veterans Trailblazers - Center for Women Veterans (CWV): 2021 Women Veteran Trailblazers

This year’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Women Veteran’s (CWV) 2021 Trailblazers: Women Veterans Leading the Way campaign features 27 women Veterans.

CWV sponsors an annual campaign in honor of Women’s History Month and throughout the year celebrates the contributions of these trailblazers and women Veterans, representing all military branches, during and after their military service.

Read more about the 27 Trailblazers here

Northeast Region

Army Veteran Maureen Elias

Army Veteran Carol Eggert

Air Force Veteran Amanda Huffman

Army Veteran Jenny Pacanowski

Marine Corps Veteran Viviana DeCohen

Navy Veteran Abby Malchow

Army Veteran Mary Chitwood

Army Veteran Amelia Estwick

Army Veteran Danielle Applegate

Navy Veteran Diana Kirkland

Marine Corps Veteran Tee Marie Hanible

Army Veteran Shurhonda Love


Southeast Region 

Air Force Veteran Deloris Quaranta

Air Force Veteran Sandra Franks

Midwest Region

Army Veteran Zaneta I. Adams

Air Force Veteran Virginia Narsete

Marine Corps Veteran Sharon Robino-West

Army Veteran Crystal Kyle

West Region 

Army Veteran Eileen Moore

Air Force Veteran Virginia A. Wimmer

Air Force Veteran Kristin Gyford

Coast Guard Veteran Karla Nemitz


Southwest Region

Army Veteran Cassandra V. Facciponti

Marine Corps Veteran Queta Rodriguez

Army Veteran Sonia Lopez

Navy Veteran VR Small

Army Veteran Beverly A Charley