CFPB Financial Coaching is now available for ALL Veterans

March 31, 2016

Important Update


CFPB Financial Coaching is now available for ALL Veterans


CFPB has broadened the scope of the Financial Coaching Initiative which previously was available only to post 9-11 Veterans, to include all Veterans who like to take advantage of this free government service at transition points in their lives.


The CFPB Financial Coaching Initiative put 40 financial coaches in place specifically to serve Veterans dispersed across the United States in Spring 2015.


CFPB stands for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is a federal government agency which created the Financial Coaching Initiative to provide a safe, free environment where Veterans can talk to a financial professional about anything you want regarding your finances.  Because it is a government program you don’t have to worry about any hidden agendas, biases or sales techniques. There are none.

The CFPB Financial Coach is simply available when you need a resource and always just as FREE, confidential and unbiased, since this is a government program.


Financial coaching sessions can be held via video conferencing, phone or in person on select days in select locations in Northern California.  I am your Northern California CFPB Financial Coach.


Please be in touch with questions, to book intro to financial coaching workshops for your Veterans or schedule an individual coaching session.


Please help me in spreading this good news!


Looking forward to hearing from you.



Elizabeth B Fulgaro, CFP AFC

CFPB Financial Coach

Northern California Region

AFSC  Contractor


  1. 530.957.1322


EASTBAY Works One-Stop Career Center

4071 Port Chicago Hwy, Suite #250

Concord, CA  94620

Office:  925.671.4527



The CFPB has a dedicated Office of Servicemember Affairs to address consumer financial challenges affecting military members, veterans, and their families. You can find their webpage at www.consumerfinance.gov/servicemembers