Class Action against DOD

January 4, 2018

Dear Sisters in Arms,

I would like to start by saying thank you for all of you reaching out to me. I am following up with all concerning the CLASS ACTION suit against DOD . I will continue to process all requests and information from others as I receive them !!!!!

My name is Judith (Judy) Ann Cushman DuBose. I, am a United States Army Veteran and a United States Army Widow. I went into the Army to complete my education in 1976. I was raped in 1977. My Company Commander and NCOIC told me NOT to report the rape as it would ruin my career. I was a good soldier and did what I was told. I did not report the rape. The rape ruined my marriage and I became pregnant with a tubal pregnancy. I had to have surgery and I had terrible trouble with my reproductive and social life not to mention my mental health for quite some time.

However, I was lucky, after my divorce I met an amazing man that understood and supported my emotional needs he was my Rock of Gibraltar. Unfortunately, in 1987 my Rock of Gibraltar died and I was left to try and cope alone with two small children. I found that I could not hold down a job and many other issues that are relevant to PTSD and MST. I went from one abusive situation to another. I was in a severe trauma state and did not realize it. There was no counseling for us then. No therapy ,no help. The VA was not a resource!!!

SO here we are, after close to 30 years of fighting the VA; 4 years ago I finally got my 100%. The last 9 years I have been blessed with a wonderful man that understands and gets me. David is supportive of everything I am doing. David understands the need and drive I have to make a difference and work to stop this atrocity and help other women and men that are veterans recover what was taken from us, and compensate us. He understands we need closure.

While this is not the end of my story, and I have a lot more to tell. I am going toast forward to today. I became very energized to go after the DOD and each branch and the branches leadership after the news broke about Congressional members paying off sexual abuse.

I have met an attorney in Houston Texas, Alex Maybry. Alex, his para legal, Sherri Davis and my partner David Swain and I met. After a 3 hour meeting, I made the decision I was moving forward to sue DOD and whom ever else needs to get named. Alex has indicated his willingness to take this on as a class action suit.

Alex is willing to sue and take a contingency. NO money up front.

I know many of you will have more questions. This is not an over night case, this will not be settled in 2 months, It may very well take 2 years…having said that many of have waited close to that and some up to 30 years to just secure compensation through the VA!

I feel like I finally have met someone that will fight for those of us that have been forgotten. This is 100% legitimate and not a scam.

Attached is the same agreement I signed. This is a class action suit and we all will be represented. I am not getting paid by the firm and I am in the same situation as all of you. Think of how wonderful it would be to finally have closure. I know that is what I want.

Sherri Davis can be reached at :
832-350-8336 office

Please take time to read the agreement. If you feel you want to be a part of making history then please sign up and be a part of moving forward.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at :

I look forward to hearing from you and moving forward and making a difference.

Judith (Judy)