Dauntless Veteran Foundation Launches Veteran Agriculture Grant Program

February 8, 2022


February 8th, 2022


Martina Bialek, Board Member, martina@dauntlessvf.org

Ben Martin, Board Chair, ben@dauntlessvf.org

Forest Grove, OR – Oregon Veterans have a new ally in their mission to build an interdependent network of successful farmer-veterans making their way into the agricultural and winemaking industries. Dauntless Veteran Foundation is a not-for-profit, community-based organization whose main purpose is to help veterans translate their talents from the field to the farm.

Today, our organization is happy to announce the launch of its first ever Veteran Agriculture Grant Program.

The Veteran Agriculture Grant is designed to provide financial support to veterans that are, or aspire to be, farmers, value-added producers, or pupils in agriculture.

“We at DVF believe that this grant will allow farmer-veterans to receive the financial support needed to venture into the world of agriculture. Whether it is in the form of tuition for an academic program, the purchase of materials, or general operating costs for veterans already working in the industry, our goal is to help veterans kickstart their endeavors”, said Ben Martin, DVF and Dauntless Wine Co Founder, and Board Chair. “The flexibility allowed through this grant will hopefully alleviate some of the financial burdens students and interns often face while getting their bearings in the industry”.

Having been incorporated just 10 months ago, the Dauntless Veteran Foundation feels extremely grateful for the continuous support of the generous donors who have made the launching of this program possible. These contributions allow us to uplift and support a broader network of veterans invested in agriculture.

The application will remain open until March 8th, 2022 and awards will be announced by March 31st, 2022.

To ensure success in receiving a diverse candidate pool, we ask our community and media partners to share this exciting announcement widely.

Please visit our Grant page for more details or download the application packet here.


Dauntless Veteran Foundation is a community-based organization whose primary mission is to help veterans translate their talents from the field to the farm.

Soldiering and farming have been intertwined for millennia because both require hard work and attention to detail; while tending the land is perhaps one of the oldest methods of post-war therapy. Holistic farming is a perfect therapeutic and professional alternative for Veterans to find peace and a meaningful occupation. Studies have shown that healthy soil is home to billions of probiotic bacteria that can regulate mood and mitigate the symptoms of PTSD through the release of serotonin via the gut (or lung) to brain pathway. Not only that, soil can act as a tactile therapy that can help relieve the symptoms of TBI.

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