Featured Veteran, Delilah Moreno

October 16, 2020

Name:   Delilah Moreno 

Branch: U.S. Army Reserve – Jacksonville Florida Combat Support Unit [SSG – 92A] 

Service Dates:  8 years   

How was the transition from military?   

  • My transition had minimal impact because I was an Army ReservistI was able to continue my civilian career full time while serving my community and country part time.    
  • Although my impact was minimal, I can share my family experiences Military runs deep in my family. My father is a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran. I have three siblings that have served, two in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as one that is currently serving. Seeking assistance immediately from the VA and family was key in helping them during their transition and as they were coping with PTSD.  

345thcombat supportunit 225x300 - Featured Veteran, Delilah MorenoWhat would you advise to other women that will be transitioning soon? 

  • Before transitioning I would advise to network and start building your civilian career if you haven’t done so alreadyStart to job hunt, attend Job Fairs and seek assistance from a support group for example a Women’s Veteran’s Network. 
  • Have a clear understanding of your income and have a plan in place to stay financially secureI highly encourage everyone to understand their credit and be educated on taking control of their credit and being financially independent
  • Have a buddy or support group to lean on. Sometimes it can get frustrating and or stressful while transitioning into the civilian life. For example, seek assistance from a Women’s VA, an Employee Resource Group or even a friend or family member. 


Did you know what you wanted to do when you got out? 

My situation is slightly different because I served part time. I was already attending college while working full time and attending my part time service duty.   

Danddad 300x261 - Featured Veteran, Delilah MorenoWhat encouraged you to join the military? 

Oddly my father was my influencer, a bit of reverse psychology I think.  Growing up, my siblings and I knew my father was different, sadly we didn’t know he was suffering from PTSD until we got older.  When I expressed my interest of the Army, my father refused that I join. I wanted to connect with my father and support my country, after my 2nd year of college I joined. My parents were proud, especially my father. Today I’m a role model for my daughters, they have expressed an interest to join as well.         

How did you find job at Experian? 

Networking and relationship building were key in starting my career at Experian. I also had a mentor that guided me and helped me identify a good fit position that met my career goals.  

Current Job. When did they start? 

This November I will complete 5 years at Experian. I started as a Solutions Engineer and now I’m an Account Executive in Public Sector/Decision Analytics.   

What do you like about working at Experian? 

Great people, fantastic work life balance. Always learning something new, keep you on your toes, highly motivated and energetic company. Very supportive Employee Resource Group. Experian is very diverse and open; they accept you as you are.