Foundation for Women Warriors – Women’s History Month Virtual 5K

February 25, 2022

Register today for FFWW Women’s History Month Virtual 5K. Registration is free!

Whether you plan to run, walk, hike, or bike, log your miles in honor of the trailblazing women who defied societal norms. We encourage you to run in honor of a woman in history who inspires you and share her story!

You can go a step further and also support our woman veteran community. You can host your own 5K fundraiser through the registration portal with these easy steps:

  • Follow the link HERE, select “Sign Up”, and then
  • Fill in the fields with your information.
  • Once registered, click “Become a Fundraiser” on the next page and set your goal!
  • From there, you have the option to share your fundraiser via Facebook and copy the link to share on your other socials.

Don’t forget to post who you are running for and your results to social media. Tag us for a chance to win the various prizes below:

  • The first runner to post results will receive a FFWW bracelet and FFWW t-shirt
  • The runner to post the fastest time will receive a FFWW challenge coin and FFWW t-shirt
  • The runner to post the largest group photo with friends or family that participated with them will receive a FFWW t-shirt as well as FFWW bracelets for everyone in their group