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Hannalee Ebanks, Navy Veteran

Hannalee Ebanks, Navy Veteran


Meet Hannalee Ebanks (Hannalee Thorpe)

Branch: US Navy

Service Dates: May 2013- Nov 2018

How was the transition from military? While the transition from the military was challenging, there are many resources available to help support military personnel. The military Transition Goals, Plans, Success (TGPS) process prepared me adequately to be able to find employment as soon I separated from the service.

What would you advise to other women that will be transitioning soon? Plan, it Is important to start planning your transition well before your separation date. Research your options and identify your goals that you would like to accomplish in your civilian life.

Did you know what you wanted to do when you got out? I was certain that my future lay in the electrical industry, and I aimed to secure a position with an organization that appreciates the value of military expertise and fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

What encouraged you to join the military? My decision to enlist in the military was driven by my desire to find a meaningful purpose in life and serve my country.

How did you find job at Enbridge? I secured a position at Enbridge through a third-party recruitment firm that discovered my resume on Indeed and identified a match between my skill sets and the requirements of an Electrical Controls Technician opening at Enbridge.

Current Job. When did you start? I am currently a Planner Scheduler. I was employed through Enbridge directly after my separation from active duty in November of 2018 as an EC Technician. I have since been promoted to a Planner/Scheduler and have been in this role since 2020.

What do you like about working at Enbridge? I love working with Enbridge because of the collaborative and supportive team culture. From day one, I’ve felt like a valued team member of the team and have been given opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects. Additionally, the leadership at this company has been truly inspiring, and their commitments/ values align with those of my personal values. Working here has helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I am excited to be a part of such an amazing organization.

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