Heather Kline, LCDR, USN Ret./Vets4Heroes

January 9, 2017

Heather Kline Vet MILspouse 300x300 - Heather Kline, LCDR, USN Ret./Vets4Heroes

Ahoy and happy 2017! My name is Heather Kline, LCDR, USN Ret. and I’m a super proud Navy Veteran and enthusiastic Army Spouse.  After my 22 years of naval service, I picked up where I left off with regard to the veteran and MILspouse service and talent acquisition arena.  Of note, 16 of my 22 years was in field recruiting, recruiting management and recruiting policy.  I retired as a Human Resource Officer in December of 2010.  I have been nationally recognized for my Navy recruiting expertise (ROY) and served as an Army Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader.  It’s my honor and privilege to “give back” as well as “pay it forward” when it comes to recruitment, employment and networking strategies.  I joined the team of amazing Veterans at Vets4Heroes as an Independent Contractor, and I’m committed to the resounding efforts you’ll find listed below in our mission and dedication declarations.

We are a company of veterans in the service of all veterans; committed to “taking care of our own and leaving no one behind.” When you choose us for your IT Hardware, Executive Recruitment, or Medical Staffing needs, you allow us to provide a living for our former active duty personnel, their dependents, our retirees and veterans and the dependents of any fallen veteran. Our virtual presence with no overhead cost allows us to pass those savings on to you.


We are a full service partner for Healthcare Executive Recruitment, Medical Staffing, and Human Resource solutions for both government and private sector positions.  We’re also a service partner for staff augmentation, staffing solutions , RPO and Executive placements for all business concerns.  www.vets4heroes.com

My passion is fervently working to help veterans and MILspouses find meaningful employment and to boost their networks by information sharing and referral based connections.  I have a “one team ~ one fight” mantra that I take very seriously.  I’d be pleased to connect with you on LinkedIn or email/cell.  I’d also like to add you to my Vets4Heroes direct email campaign as together we can do so much more for our MILFams; message me to be added today.

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