Help Make the Pay Gap History

AAUW is working hard to close the gender pay gap and to improve women’s financial security — and we need your help.

A key part of our efforts is to train women in salary negotiation. We’re doing that with Work Smart Online, a free digital course that teaches women everything they need to know to ask for — and get — the pay they deserve.

We are writing to ask you to join our movement by sharing this course with your members today.

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Subject Line: Learn to Negotiate Your Salary for Free and Earn What You’re Worth

We are excited to announce that our friends at AAUW have launched AAUW Work Smart Online — a free online salary negotiation course. Sign up to learn essential negotiating skills to ask for the salary you deserve.

With Work Smart Online you will learn how to:

  • Identity and articulate your personal value.
  • Develop persuasive negotiation strategies.
  • Research and identify your target salary.

The course will also help you understand the gender wage gap — and its direct and long-term consequences on your career.

If you have questions or want more information AAUW’s salary negotiation resources, please contact us at 202.785.7794 or by email at salary@aauw.org.