Hoover Institution Veteran Fellowship Program Application Deadline Approaching

Stanford University’s Hoover Institution is accepting applications for its newest fellowship program—the Hoover Institution Veteran Fellowship Program.  I am writing to invite you to share the call for applications with your organization and network.

Under the leadership of Director Condoleezza Rice, we are seeking to attract veterans who are prominent in their industries, whether in the public or the private sector, who want to affect meaningful policy change in their communities. The Veteran Fellowship Program uniquely integrates Hoover’s scholarship with a select group of veterans who exemplify the best forms of military leadership and talent, personal and community commitment, and innovative ideas to public policy challenges.

The program continues Hoover’s tradition of connecting to and learning from the US military, and include many former military leaders such secretary of defense General Jim Mattis, national security advisor Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, chief of naval operations Admiral Gary Roughead, and commander of Strategic Command Admiral James O. Ellis Jr., among many other Hoover fellows.

A brief overview of the program is provided below:


Hoover Veterans Fellowship Program
The Hoover Institution is launching the Veterans Fellowship Program (VFP), an opportunity for select veterans to address critical challenges to public policy with actionable solutions alongside Hoover fellows and underpinned by the Hoover and Stanford network. The Program will amplify veterans’ ideas and approaches to significant national and community policy issues. The professional experience of veterans and their understanding of the interconnected nature of domestic and international affairs make them important strategic partners for Hoover as they engage with communities across the United States.

The VFP is a year-long program for ten military veterans who have served on active duty within the last 20 years and are successful mid-career practitioners. Hoover is looking to attract veterans who want to affect meaningful change across the United States and who possess the self-motivation, professional network, and vision to pursue their innovative projects.

Fellows in the VFP will participate in up to four in-person engagements as well as virtual sessions throughout the year. Veteran Fellows will also produce a capstone project to be informed by independent investigation and work in their communities.

More Information
We invite you to learn more about the Program here. The application period is open now and will close on Sunday, August 1, 2021 (11:59 pm PDT). The Program launches in November 2021.