International call for submissions

We are looking for Veterans with  compelling personal stories to tell.  From anywhere on the globe. 

So Proudly We Hailed is a musical webseries featuring veterans’  stories in their own words. This project is hosted by New Musicals Inc., a non-profit workshop which develops musicals for digital platforms and stage. This project is supported in part by the Helen and Jose Colton Foundation, the Peter Glenville Foundation, and the California Arts Council.  

Honorees’ stories will be workshopped and filmed as musical video shorts.  

You don’t have to be a writer or musician. You’ll join a creaƟve team of composer,  director, actor, dramaturg, to develop your story, based on your own words.  

Each story will be approximately 10‐15 minutes long. These will be filmed as  singular, one person musical monologues (in English).  

We will register the piece through the Screen Actors Guild New Media Agreement.  New Musicals Inc. will develop and produce each episode. Each honoree will  receive $1,000. Copyright will remain with the Veteran; you will own your work.  

Deadline: March 1, 2022.  

To apply: www.nmi.org/veterans  

Veterans, please submit:  

∙  Brief description of your story (100-200 words). This can  be fairly casual prose…no need to write your story; just jot  down the highlights of your story, or just chat into a phone.  You can be from any section of the armed forces, in any  nation.  

∙  Optional: also send us a video or audio telling of the story  if you like. Don’t worry about the quality of recording. A  phone is fine.  

∙  Brief paragraph of your personal history (100-200 words).  

∙  Personal note. (100-200 words) Why do you want to tell this story? Who should hear your story?  

Application form and previous episodes can be found at: www.nmi.org/veterans  Deadline for submission: March 1, 2022  

Questions? email us at admin@nmi.org