Keys to Progress Vehicle Giveaway Program

Since the start of Progressive’s Keys to Progress® vehicle giveaway program in 2013, Progressive  has given considerable time and resources to provide more than 900 veterans with reliable  transportation so they can get back on the road and move forward in life. The program has also  provided vehicles to veteran-affiliated organizations dedicated to military-focused community  outreach. 

The program’s main event is a one-day giveaway held at Progressive offices and affiliated locations  across the United States. We will be holding our 11th annual Keys to Progress vehicle giveaway  event on November 08, 2023, with the goal of gifting vehicles to recipients in all 50 states , giving  away an estimated total of 50-100 vehicles to veterans and their families as well as some active-duty  members, Gold Star spouses/domestic partners, veteran-owned businesses and non-profit  organizations. 

On this special day, Progressive–together with business affiliates and several military and charity  organizations–will present the vehicles to the recipients. 

Progressive works with military and charity organizations to find recipients in need of a vehicle and  gather their stories. Vehicles are donated to recipients through a non-profit organization. 

As a company, we see the need in our communities to provide support to military men, women  and/or their surviving spouses/domestic partners who may be facing tough circumstances in life – from difficult personal and family health needs to excessive rent burdens, unemployment and even  homelessness. One of Progressive’s Core Values is the Golden Rule. This Keys to Progress vehicle  giveaway program is a wonderful way to put that into action, extending the principle to people who  have given so much for their country. 

The events have been a remarkable success, attracting the attention of the media and communities  across the country. This YouTube video helps to explain why. Now, it is time to work with all of you  who will help us do this year’s event. We look forward to creating even more memories and  opportunities for our deserving recipients. 

We want to provide at least one recipient per event location with a vehicle. We plan to hold the  events on Wednesday, November 08, 2023, at most locations, so please mark this date on  calendars now! 

Progressive thanks you for joining us to support this important effort

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