Leading from the Frontlines of Change – Webinar Recording

Recorded May 26, 2022

Learn from veterans and active-duty women as they discuss successfully transitioning to post-service civilian careers as well as from non-combat to frontline roles within the military. Panelists will also offer best practices in leveraging specific skills and experiences into new career pathways, self-advocacy, and encouraging employers to source untapped potential and a more diverse talent pool.

Changing careers can be difficult for anyone, but the transition out of active-duty service to a new career in the civilian space can be particularly challenging, especially for women. According to LinkedIn’s recent Women Veteran Opportunity Report, underemployment for American women veterans is 18% higher than for non-veteran women and 22% higher than for veterans overall. Additionally, it takes women veterans three months longer, on average, to find employment and when hired, are paid 30% less than their male counterparts. Finding a job or repurposing your career means learning how to capitalize on your skills and strengths, and translating them into job attributes. Most employers and recruiters, however, focus on titles, job history and years of experience in the field rather than skills-based hiring practices and, as such, may not recognize or understand the value of diverse experiences. For women veterans, leadership and management experience, resilience, adaptability, work ethic, self-discipline, teamwork, and professionalism, are just some of the positive attributes and skills that translate well to the workplace and can traverse nearly every industry. With change also comes opportunity and despite the challenges women face when changing their careers, there is also the opportunity to pave the way and inspire others to find new purpose and achieve their aspirations.

Panelists: (listed in speaking order)
* Suzanne Puanani VARES-LUM, President, East-West Center, Hawaii, USA
* Gloria JUMAMIL-MERCADO PhD, MNSA, Undersecretary, Office of the Presidential Adviser, Manila, Philippines
* Mitchelene BIGMAN, Founder & President, Native American Women Warriors, Hollywood, Florida, USA
* Jennifer WITTWER, Chair, Women Veterans Australia and Author, Against the Wind: How Women Can Be Their Authentic Selves in Male-Dominated Professions, Canberra, Australia

Moderator: Christina (Tippi) COGEN, EQ Advisor, Corporate Wellness, Tippi Cogen Consulting and Changing Faces Seminar Alum, Tampa, Florida, USA

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