Looking for women veteran stories

March 4, 2018

A publisher is interested in compiling an anthology of writing (short stories, essays, memoir pieces, poems) from women vets or active duty. She is primarily interested in writing pertaining to their time in service. Most people know nothing about the life/work of women in the military and she is eager to change that. Military women are powerful role models for young girls and she would like to expand out platform. 

Looking for writing that deals with real specific detail about military service or even how women juggled personal life with military life. Prefers pieces to be no longer than 3,000 words and submitted in a word doc as an attachment.  If the writer has more than one submission, she would like them submitted separately.  Also, a cover letter with a little about themselves and any other writing they did.  She is paying in copies.  Deadline July 20. Submit questions and writing to heller@blueheronbookworks.com 

Website: www.blueheronbookworks.com