Meet Danielle Marshall, Air Force Veteran (Vol II)


Originally from Oakland, California, I am a wife, mother of two, and avid community supporter. A United States Air Force Veteran, I served as a Clinical Lab Technologist at Travis Air Force Base between 1998 and 2004. In addition, I served as a Senior Core Lab Technician, Blood Donor UTC member, Clinical Laboratory Phase II Trainer, and Nurse Transition Phlebotomy Instructor. 

As a business consultant, I specialize in assisting small companies in business development, organizational management, and leadership training. l have found my passion in the world of fashion where I assist others in understanding the importance of presenting themselves as professionals to the world. I enjoy working with fellow veterans to help them develop a personal, professional style while embracing their own individuality, fully understanding the struggles and obstacles they face when they go from military uniforms to the corporate world.  

I was blessed to have several strong women influence my life while growing up. My mother is beautiful, a successful entrepreneur, and my hero. I have close relationships with four grandmothers and three great-grandmothers. Through these women, I learned strength, compassion, hard work, class, and grace. My grandma Alice a VA Nurse had the most intriguing shoe collection. Grandmother Louise was a relaxed woman and called things like she saw them with a comforting voice. My great-grandmother Alice was wise, and composed, with an excellent memory and at over 100 years old, a wonderful sense of humor. My grandmother Anita is the fashionista. Growing up, I watched her make a positive impact as a community leader in pencil skirts, suits, and heels. She’d sometimes called me her glamour girl. Clearly, it stuck. So much of who I am is because of who they are. As I continue to carry on their legacies I see my work as unfinished. 

During my military career, many of the values of the strong women I was raised by were reinforced. The Air Force taught me to put the service to others before myself and to always pay attention to the details. Every day there was always a sense of purpose: to serve the greater good and make a positive impact.

Photographer’s Perspective

A vibrant woman with a smile that reaches across the room, Danielle Marshall is a self-admitted work in progress. Meeting at her favorite coffee shop in Natomas, Danielle shared her African-American and Native American heritage with stories about the strong women who influenced her life. A small business owner, entrepreneur, and recent president of the Natomas Chamber of Commerce, Danielle told us giving back to her community after serving in the U.S. Air Force fulfills her desire to make a difference in ways she can see.

Danielle’s portrait location choice was unexpected: an incomplete business park in North Natomas she refers to as Stonehenge. “It perfectly defines where I am in my life. I come from a tough foundation with roots in Oakland, and with all I’ve accomplished, I still see myself as unfinished.

The day of the shoot, Zach Amis, project manager with The Marks Family and Tower Investments, LLC provided entry and support at the business park site. Leaning against a cement wall holding a U.S. Air Force challenge coin, a symbol of recognition of the hard work and excellence an individual has displayed, with her uniform jacket draped across her arm, Danielle Marshall looks boldly into a future molded and shaped by her own hand.

Photo by James R. Morrison Photography