Military Women’s Coalition Executive Committee Positions

MWC Executive Committee Elections

About the Military Women’s Coalition (MWC):  The MWC is a national group of formal and informal organizations who work collaboratively to serve and support US active duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran, and retired servicewomen by uniting and elevating their voices to influence policy and improve their well-being.

Available Positions:  The available voluntary positions for the January 2022 – December 2023 term are Chair and Secretary.

Position Descriptions: 

Chair:  The Chair is responsible for the oversight and strategic direction of the MWC.  The Chair plans and runs monthly Steering Committee meetings; represents the MWC’s interests to outside entities; ensures effective communication between the Executive Committee and the policy committees, Coalition Members, and the Steering Committee; and ensures that the Executive Committee and policy committees are on-task.  The Chair is also responsible for submitting position/policy statements that have been approved by the Steering Committee. 

Secretary:  The Secretary oversees annual elections; records and tallies election votes; takes monthly meeting minute notes; posts information about all upcoming meetings; works with the Administrator to ensure that all MWC records and files are kept up to date and maintained; and assists with social media and website upkeep.  The Secretary works closely with the Chair and Vice Chair to ensure the Coalition is on mission.

Requirements:  In order to serve on the Executive Committee as the Chair or Secretary, interested parties must be a Steering Committee member.  The Steering Committee consists of 11 organizations that serve a two-year term.  Executive-level individuals employed by a Coalition Member are eligible to join and hold office on the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee currently has 2 open positions.  Interested parties must also submit a Letter of Interest to the MWC administrator at mwc@servicewomen.org by August 16, 2021 stating their interest in joining the Steering Committee and/or to pursue an Executive Committee position.  Nominations for the Executive Committee are accepted no later than September 30, 2021 and elections will occur in October 2021.

For additional questions or concerns regarding this notification, please email mwc@servicewomen.org.