Military Women’s Memorial 2021 National Registration Campaign

February 4, 2021

Breaking news!  The Military Women’s Memorial – MWM (formerly known as WIMSA)

 has announced a 2021 National Registration Campaign to honor all women

 who have served in the US military.  

Let’s help get the word out so our women are well represented! 

Military Women’s Memorial makes national push to preserve the experiences and history of 3 million servicewomen | Military Women’s Memorial

Key points:

 MWM has refreshed their web site this year as a kick-off to their national registration campaign for women who served.  We want to add at least 100,000 women veterans to our roles this year.

MWM has launched a fantastic new registration portal that allows a woman veteran to register herself OR for someone else to register women veterans.  It also allows updates to be made and photos to be uploaded.

There is no cost and it is very easy.  Just need to set up a login to manage the registrations.  That link is: Create Account – WIMSA (womensmemorial.org)

Once a woman is registered, a great looking certificate can be ordered for a nominal fee to commemorate her service.  It is an heirloom worthy of presentation and displaying.

The Women’s Memorial has about 300,000 women vets registered already since our opening over 20 years ago, but that means another 2.7 million are eligible to be registered.

On the registration website, a volunteer (even non-veteran) can create an account and register women who served and provide the information to the volunteer.  This can be particularly helpful for women veterans who, for example, do not have access to a computer or have a visual disability.