New Politics Leadership Academy Applications Open!

January 27, 2022

Thank you for your interest in Answering the Call, a leadership development experience designed for service alumni to explore politics as a way to continue serving the country. A commitment to run for office is not a prerequisite for participation. In addition to winning elections, our alumni have managed campaigns and served on the staff of public officials. The deadline to apply for Spring 2022 programs is March 23rd.

New Politics Leadership Academy is revitalizing American politics by recruiting and developing Servant Leaders. Our programs educate and train these outstanding individuals to serve in the political arena and build a pipeline of A-level staff to help them win.

Why do I feel called to serve through politics and what’s my path?

Answering the Call is our servant leader-to-political arena introductory course. This five-session leadership development opportunity invites Servant Leaders to reflect on the values that compelled them to serve in the first place, clarify their core values, and explore if they feel called to serve again through politics.

This program is offered virtually twice each year, first in the spring and again in the fall. Join us for small-group, facilitated discussions with other service-minded individuals asking the same question you are: am I fit for politics?

What can I expect as a campaign staffer? What does it look like to succeed?

New Politics Staffing School is a training that builds A-level campaign staff with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to thrive on the campaign trail. We provide a comprehensive approach to leadership development combined with our own campaign-informed training pedagogy.

This semi-annual program is ideal for students, early- and mid-career professionals interested in working in politics for the first time, and for current political staff with up to three years of experience looking to take their career to the next level; having a service background is not a requirement for this program.