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What attendees are saying...

The event was amazing from the moment we checked in until the final hug goodbye. Hands down my favorite conference!

I loved the communication (email updates and within the app among attendees, Q&A during sessions).

Liked the camaraderie, how well it was organized, always someone there to help and guide you if you had a question. And how welcoming it felt. Wasn't uncomfortable or didn't feel out of place once.

It was inspiring to hear the stories of other service women who had gone through tougher times but came out stronger and fiercer. It made me want to keep pushing to win my city council race to help those that don't have a voice.

The Saturday speaker lineup was awesome!!! They were inspirational and I learned a few things from them. I was a remote attendee and using the Whova app made it easy to navigate and attend the sessions.

The Friday get together was great way for us to mingle and get to know or reacquaint with or sister veterans. Saturday event was super great with the lectures, I really  appreciated Michele Jones and Sandy Adams. Both were informative, knowledgeable and peak my curiosity to learn more about the topic spoken about.

This event was wonderful, I have never had the chance to meet this many veteran women. Our group in Detroit was very diverse and we had women from all branches and times in the military. 

I enjoyed the Friday event touring Detroit and also the following day's workshop event. All the presenters were good.  However, I especially liked the first presentation on Transformational Leadership.  I like the fact that Saturday's luncheon came from a veteran operated business. I also liked meeting new people. I liked the table decorations especially the female soldier figures.

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