Path with Art – Summer Program (Part 2) Registration is NOW OPEN!

We are pleased to announce that the registration for our Summer Quarter (Part 2) is now open! We are offering a variety of in-person and virtual classes and workshops. You can find the course listings and link to register below and the full course descriptions on our website at www.pathwithart.org/classes

Registration is now open August 1–15th!
Summer Program (Part 2) September 6 – October 3

Sign up today for summer at Path with Art! Choose from an exciting array of virtual and in person classes, and ambassador led workshops.

>> Visit pathwithart.org/classes or pathwithart.org/vet for full course descriptions and to register

We offer a variety of in-person and online programming on a quarterly basis.

Participants are welcome to enroll in all of the below:

1. 4 week class (on a space available basis, participants may take up to 2 classes exclusively during Summer Program)
2.PWA Ambassador Workshop (on a space available basis, participants may take up to 2 workshops) and
3.Virtual Movement Workshop with Alice Gosti
4. Open Studio (weekly drop-in sessions on Mondays)
Why is the summer split into two parts? 

Great question––a few reasons;
  1. Found Fashion classes/workshops have traditionally overlapped with both summer and fall sessions at Path with Art, and have only been open to Certificate of Achievement holders. (These classes make the wonderful outfits and decor that are the cornerstone of our fall fundraiser–the Art for All Ball). This overlap created scheduling conflicts for participants, and running two programs at the same time was challenging for staff to manage. By making Found Fashion its own timeblock in the schedule, every Path with Art participant will be eligible to join (if they choose) allowing everyone––including staff, TAs and volunteers to be fully devoted to this endeavor and moving this into alignment with the rest of our curriculum.
  2. Summer is a time for many to explore a change of pace–taking time off, completing special projects, traveling, etc. which made finding teachers AND volunteers for 8-week classes very challenging. Shorter time blocks allow us to be flexible, and to provide you with more opportunities.
  3. Similarly, regular attendance in 8-week classes has, historically, been lower in the summer as some of our arts partners offer special opportunities and/or participants are craving a break in routine. We hope you enjoy a slight change of pace before our fall program picks back up in October.
  4. Our move into the ArtHOME is full of celebration, special opening events/activities, as well as new learnings. For the first time we will be an organization that hosts classes in our own studio spaces and theater. A brief separation between the two parts of summer allows staff some time to pilot policies in part one, reflect, and refine for the future so that we develop healthy systems and processes to make class participation in the ArtHOME the best it can be!