SheNYC Arts Presents FORT HUACHUCA – New York, NY

September 12, 2023


By Ailema Sousa, Directed by Ani Marderosian

Limited Run: September 23-October 14

The Mezzanine Theater, 502 West 53rd Street

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Mayvee, Georgia, Elinor, Marjorie, and Thelma enlist to serve their country and are sent to Fort Huachuca, an army base camp in Arizona.

As Black nurses, they’re in charge of treating enemy prisoners of war. They quickly learn the rules of the camp: stay segregated from the white soldiers, always treat the white soldiers first, and remember: we’re all on the same team, fighting for the same country.

Universal and real, this story tackles issues that are still relevant today: racism and sexism. Inspired by the true story of a group of incredible women, an inside look at survival in the army in the 1940s for those who were treated as less-than even when they were fighting for our country.

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