Study Opportunity: Underrepresented Female Veterans

Did you know that female service members/veterans (SM/Vs) are UNDERREPRESENTED in research?

Hi! My name is Shaina Townsend; I am a veteran who served in the army for ten years. Currently, I am a doctoral student working towards becoming a psychologist to support SM/Vs. One of my goals is to help female SM/Vs be better represented in research. To do this, I am conducting a study exploring deployment and postdeployment experiences, posttraumatic stress symptoms, interpersonal communication, and relationship satisfaction in female SM/V and their partners. I am looking for female SM/Vs who deployed between 2006 and 2021 in a cohabitating relationship. If you are a female SM/V or a partner of a female SM/V and you want to help female SM/Vs be better represented, please consider participating!!

The study includes a brief screener (link below) that will ask you to provide a contact number and email. I will call/email you to schedule a phone screener to discuss participating. I will send you and your partner a questionnaire to complete and schedule the conversation task. If you and your partner complete these tasks, the couple will receive a $25 gift card and be entered into a raffle with a chance to win an extra $100 gift card. Every 1 in 20 couples will receive the extra $100!

Again, the link will guide you to a brief survey that asks some background questions and contact information. I will contact you within 72 hours to discuss moving forward in the study.


Your time is extremely important to me, and I appreciate your willingness to participate! Please reach out if you have questions.

Shaina Townsend, M.S.