SWAN’s Director Of Government Relations, Lory Manning Testifies On The Hill

Washington D.C.: Lory Manning, SWAN’s Director of Government Operations, testified on Capitol Hill on March 2, 2022 at the Joint Senate & House Veterans Affairs Committees Hearing on Legislative Priorities for 2022.  Tune in to her testimony here


Lory focused on SWAN’s Legislative Goals for Women Veterans in 2022, which are as follows:  

● Eliminate sexual assault and harassment at V.A. facilities. All women veterans must feel safe, welcome, and well-cared for when visiting Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) facilities. 

● Fix the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) broken system for processing disability compensation claims tied to MST

● Reform DBA’s Character of Discharge (COD) Determination Process includes transparency and standardization across VBA Regional Offices. 

● Toxic exposures and Women Veterans: Ensure upcoming burn pit and toxic exposure studies examine the effect of such exposures on the development of breast cancer and infertility in women and men. Make mammograms regularly, routinely, and readily available for veterans. 

● Reproductive Healthcare: 1.) Eliminate copays for contraceptives. 2.) Widen access to service-connected IVF treatment. 

● Arlington National Cemetery (N.C.) Internments: Designate a second national cemetery for rendering full-military-honors interments.