T-Mobile Featured Veteran

5230862853754016004.1 225x300 - T-Mobile Featured VeteranImelda Salazar, Retail Store Manager

Branch: U.S Army 

Service Dates: October 2008- October 2020

What encouraged you to join the military? I wanted to do something different with my life, outside of the environment I was brought up in that would make a difference. 

Did you know what you wanted to do when you got out? I thought I was going to be in the Army until I retired. 

What would you advise to other women that will be transitioning soon? It can be challenging mainly because the culture is so different. I would say it is important to be empathetic and understand the needs of others on a different level. Sometimes the military does not allow us to be as empathetic because of the environment, but we need to be empathetic and understanding to build great working relationships. 

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How was the transition from the military? I did Reserve and T-Mobile for about 8 out of my 12 years in the military therefore the transition was a little bit different. If someone is a reservist looking to work at T-Mobile the advice I have is to be ready to shift your mindset constantly and quickly. I was lucky enough to be able to switch on and off and I was able to be a Leader in both professions at the same time. 

How did you find a job at T-Mobile? I went into a store to ask if they were hiring and I was informed about a different location that did open interviews on Wednesday, and I went. 

Current job when did you start? November of 2012

What do you like about working at T-Mobile? I like the culture and the people that we get to work with. I love the inclusion and the ability to lead with my own leadership style.