Connecting You Through Your Transition

There is a tribe of women veterans out in the civilian world ready to help you! 

Imagine a new mission in life, where veterans embark on a journey of possibilities.

Welcome to a portal of empowerment and support, where we salute your service and guide you through the transition to civilian success. We have put a list of vetted resources together for you including ways to get connected.

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Featured Transitioning Service Member

MSGT Kathrine Mae Fuentes
Dates of Service
March 23, 2004 - March 31, 2024

The Basics

As you Step from Service Member to Civilian.
A Checklist and videos to set YOU up for success.

Stay Up to Date

With upcoming events and the latest in business, career, Veterans Affairs, and health & wellness.

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Resources For Your Transition

Transition Assistance Programs by Branch

U.S. Army
US Coast Guard
US Marine Corps
US Navy
US Air Force


Not finding what you are looking for?  Not sure where to start?

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DOL VETS - Transition Assistance Program
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