The Pathway Home

March 5, 2017

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pathway - The Pathway Home

The Pathway Home, Inc. recognizes the multitude of challenges many Veterans face returning to civilian life after deployment. 

Imagine being a highly trained military service member with a clear sense of mission and purpose, returning home to find your military skills and training don’t translate into the civilian job market, leaving you unemployed and unsure where to turn next.

Or…the frustration and hopelessness of trying to balance the demands of home and school while managing the physical and mental effects of multiple deployments without meaningful support or structure.

And these are only two examples…

The Pathway Home (TPH) provides a supportive, residential community that builds on strengths, creates structure, and offers opportunities, based on an individual’s specific goals, to develop skills that support:

  • academic/vocational success
  • career development
  • productivity
  • purpose
  • improved relationships
  • time management, stress management, anger management,anti-procrastination, more effective communication, budgeting and financial planning
  • effective management of post-deployment issues related to sleep, focus, concentration, depression, anxiety, grief, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

The program is designed to last the length of an academic school year, approximately 10 months; it may be slightly shorter or longer depending on a Veteran’s individual treatment goals.

While at TPH, residents:

  • carry a full course load while engaged in services
  • volunteer in the community
  • create and follow a personal wellness plan
  • engage in TPH programming and appointments that support successful reintegration.

We understand that challenges often show up differently for everyone and have developed a program that is adaptive and responsive to the individual goals of the Veterans we serve.