The Skirted Soldier Mini Grant Application

February 3, 2020

With generous funding from Air Force veteran-owned The Skirted Soldier, female Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Veterans* residing in Pennsylvania are invited to compete for a $1000 mini-grant for improvements on their farm or agribusiness, marketing (signage, logo or web design, etc.), or other items that will improve the economic viability of their operations.

You must have owned or operated a farm or agribusiness for profit in Pennsylvania for at least 2 years to apply.

  1. Grant funds will be made paid to applicant’s preferred vendor, not to individual recipient.
    2. Applicant must provide proof of eligible service upon request if selected as a finalist for the grant award.
    3. Farm or agribusiness must be 50% or more woman veteran owned.
    4. Applicants agree to a site visit by a member of grant committee if requested.
    5. Awardee agrees to provide photograph(s) of the purchased item(s) on site, including at least one with the awardee in the photo.
    6. Applications due by 5 pm Monday, February 10, 2020. No late entries.
    7. If you prefer to fill the application out in hard copy, message us with your name and postal address, and one will be mailed to you. Application deadline of Feb. 10 still applies.
    Apply at https://bit.ly/2uvFUXu

*”Honorable”, “Under honorable conditions”, “General under Honorable Conditions” discharge