Unconference Update #1

April 6, 2016

Looking forward to seeing you at the California Women Veterans Unconference.  Each day leading up to next Friday April 15th, you will receive an email with some great information regarding this awesome weekend.

We are working on confirming our sessions and once that is complete you will get a link to register for your breakout sessions and services.  There will be some I am sure that fill up quickly.


A great way to get connected with others that are attending and logistics information is the Unconference App, which you should have received an email with info on how to download.

Don’t forget we added a Happy Hour Saturday the 16th from 5-7pm as we want to extend the opprotunity for you to network.


Take a look at the Service providers at our fully integrated Health and Wellness Center which will be available Saturday the 16th from 11:30-5pm

*4 Paws 2 Freedom (service dog)
*Blossoming Path- Native American Curandera (Healer)
*Canine Companions for Independence
*Energy Therapies by Emotional Freedom Technique
*Essential Oils/Diet/nutrition by Internal Wisdom
*Hope Wellness Institute (Pain/Trauma Relief, Brain Entrainment )
*Leap for Wellness- Essential oils for health benefits
*Pain Relief Now (laser pain removal)
*Sacramento and Citrus Heights Vet Center
*Terry Zumwalt MD- Treatment for rape victims
*Windows to my Soul- Equine Therapy (yes we will have horse or two)
*Women’s Health- Veterans Administration

Appointment Only Services:
• Acoustical Vibration Therapy by PathWays for Veterans
• eMwave Technology/Heart Rate Variability by HeartMath
• Eye Movement Desensitazation Reprograming (EMDR)/Self Awareness by Comprehensive Therapy Approach
• Massage Therapy
• Pain/Trauma Relief, Brain Entrainment by Hope Wellness Institute
• Weight Loss/Body Composition Analysis by Nutrimost