VA Unveils Claims Submission Option

September 7, 2017

VA’s New DRC Initiative-  Decision Ready Claims (DRC)  VA will now process veteran disability claims in 30-days!  For now, the only claims eligible for this program are claims for increase to the ratings already awarded to the veteran.  However, the VA is now working on an initiative that will offer the option to submit new claims for disability compensation.

DRC 1024x587 - VA Unveils Claims Submission Option

The  Decision Ready Claims (DRC) initiative will require more work on the veterans part and better collaboration with an accredited Veteran Service Officer and or Veteran Service Representative in that ‘everything’ needed to adjudicate the claim will need to be included with the submission of the VA Form 526EZ used to file for increase.  The claimant will need to have their physician fill out the VA’s Disability Benefit Questionnaire which can be daunting to some considering questionnaires for more complicated disabilities can be up to 13 pages long.


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